Friends Hospital Will Host Seminar on Behavioral and Physical Health Care Integration

Friends Hospital is hosting a seminar on our changing mental health system on December 4, 2015 (Friday), from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., sponsored by the Philadelphia Behavior Therapy Association (PBTA). Drs. Doug Tynan and Scott Glassman will discuss “Making the Case for Behavioral Health in the New Health Care System and Integrating Mental Health with Physical Healthcare.”The talk is a part of PBTA’s ongoing continuing education training for behavioral healthcare providers interested in cognitive and behavioral interventions.

Dr. Tynan will present on the changing landscape of the healthcare system, and how new models of reimbursement can drive the integration of behavioral health services. Dr. Glassman will discuss how integrated healthcare settings are increasingly turning to screening and evidence-based brief interventions to address treatment engagement, depression, substance use, and other behavioral health concerns in the context of whole-person care.

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