Friends Hospital Nurse Leader Participated in the Wharton Nursing Leaders Program

PHILADELPHIA—December 10, 2015— Healthcare environments are continually evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Today, the demand for hospital nurse leaders to possess the requisite skills needed to adapt to myriad changes in healthcare has never been greater. At Friends Hospital, we embrace this current reality and value the critical role of our psychiatric nurse leaders in sustaining our excellence in both clinical and business operations. Our psychiatric nurse leaders are healthcare’s future leaders. Therefore, key investments in their professional growth and leadership development are a part of our long-term organizational vision for nurturing our internal talents and human capital.


Joe Mauro, RN

In November 2015, Joe Mauro, RN, one of our nurse managers, participated in the highly acclaimed Wharton Nursing Leaders Program. This unique program is specifically designed for nurse leaders of highly complex healthcare organizations such as Friends Hospital. Through this program, nurse leaders attend a week-long classroom intensive and participate in sessions led by Wharton expert faculty covering key leadership and management topics such as: Planning for Execution, Hospital Finance, Stakeholder Mapping, Effective Decision Making, Team Building and Motivation, Managing People, and, Influence and Persuasion.

 In an essay, Mauro reflects on his recent Wharton experience:

My experience at the Wharton Nursing Leaders Program can be summed up in one word…Incredible. The Wharton Nursing Leaders Program has opened my eyes to many different concepts and strategies for managing people and issues within the hospital on a daily basis. The knowledge that I received from my week at Wharton has surely enhanced my skills and ability to provide our patients the best level of care possible. I will admit that I was slightly intimidated when given the opportunity to attend a program at Wharton as their level of prestige and history was a bit overwhelming. But, those fears, however, were quickly quelled upon arrival. The instructors were friendly, knowledgeable, engaging and they were able to apply real life business-world concepts to fit the framework of nursing and hospital management. The varying levels of experience and the wide range of specialties of my co-attendees provided a truly unique viewpoint of issues that we all face in healthcare such as throughput, employee engagement, and strategic planning as well as potential solution strategies for these issues.   This was a tremendous opportunity provided to me by Friends Hospital. I look forward to applying the concepts and knowledge that I learned at the Wharton Nursing Leaders Program to enhance the already stellar care that Friends Hospital provides to our patients and our community.

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