Our Mission

In 1813, the Quakers founded Friends Hospital based on the belief that all people, even those with a mental illness, can live a “moral, ordered existence if treated with kindness, dignity and respect.”

Today, Friends Hospital still operates under this original mission as written by the Hospital’s founders and, using the principles of wellness and recovery, strives to provide patients with the tools they need to understand and manage their illness.

“To provide for the suitable accommodation of persons who are or may be deprived of the use of their reason and the maintenance of an asylum for their reception, which is intended to furnish, besides requisite medical aid, such tender, sympathetic attention as may soothe their agitated minds, and under the Divine Blessing, facilitate their recovery.”

– Friends Hospital Mission Statement, 1813

In striving to achieve our mission, decisions and actions are guided by several basic values, including:

  • Approaching each person, regardless of the degree of illness, with the belief that he or she is a unique and worthy individual who deserves treatment that is highly individualized and compassionate.
  • Being responsive to patients, families and communities.
  • Holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.