Behavioral Health Programs for Young Adults

Early adulthood is a time of great change that can present many new stressors and obstacles. The Young Adult Unit at Friends Hospital provides focused care for individuals from age 18 to late 20’s who struggle with mental health issues. It is dedicated to young people who want to address their issues and improve their life.

Treatment in the Young Adult Unit is conducted by a dedicated psychiatrist and interdisciplinary team including nurses, social workers and therapists. Every patient receives an individualized treatment plan that includes family involvement and interaction with a community of peers working toward similar goals.

Young Adult Unit Population

College Students – College is a time when many students experience mental health concerns for the first time, while others struggle to manage existing ones in the face of sudden life changes. For undergraduates and graduate students experiencing a mental health crisis, the unit offers a focused approach to learning coping, problem-solving skills and transitioning back to school when appropriate.

Young Professionals – The life of a young professional involves many new responsibilities such as job searching, independent living and finance management. The Young Adult Unit is designed to help young professionals navigate this phase of life so they can maintain healthy relationships and find career success.

Early-Career Tradespeople – Whether a young adult starts an apprenticeship right out of high school or works in the field while they decide on a career path, the process of apprenticing and practicing a trade can present mental health concerns. The Young Adult Unit can help young tradespeople work through the challenges of the early stages of their career and help them prepare for long-term success.

Program Components

  • Medical supervision and psychiatric medication adjustment
  • Daily expressive art therapy groups
  • Yoga, horticulture and pet therapy
  • Evidence-based group approaches including problem-solving therapy and Seeking Safety programs
  • Customized aftercare plan including reintegration into work or school
  • Support provided by peer specialist and chaplaincy services
  • Customized dietary options (including vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal)
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Help is a Phone Call Away

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