General Adult Unit

Many adults dealing with mental health problems find their ability to cope with the daily aspects of living severely diminished. Persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, sleep disturbances, mood swings, suicidal thoughts and/or behaviors and other symptoms make it almost impossible to manage work and family, let alone deal with unexpected stressors. At Friends Hospital, our goal is to help patients understand their illness and to create healthy alternatives for dealing with challenges. Patients are assisted in developing the tools needed to make changes that will allow them to lead fuller and more productive lives.

Friends Hospital’s Adult Programs were created specifically for individuals ages 18 to 65. Specialized adult units meet the varied needs of patients, ranging from the Intensive Adult Unit for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness to the state-of-the art Recovery Unit, Philadelphia’s first inpatient psychiatric unit designed around the recovery-oriented care model. For those patients dealing with both psychiatric and co-occurring substance abuse disorders, specially trained staff including certified addiction counselors provides counseling, support and education.

Treating the Individual

By creating an empathetic and accepting atmosphere, the experienced clinicians at Friends Hospital help patients identify problems that prevent them from living fuller, more productive lives. Each patient’s personal goals are integrated into the treatment plan, which emphasizes support systems, strengths and community connections. This recovery-oriented focus, in collaboration with the skills of a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, registered nurses, psychologists, social workers, certified addiction counselors and expressive arts therapists, will guide each patient to make better choices and aid in a return to an optimal level of functioning.

Program Highlights:

  • Several dedicated adult units offering a range of programming designed for the varied needs of patients ages 18 to 65
  • Private bedrooms with unit access to an enclosed outside courtyard
  • Treatment for all major psychiatric disorders and co-occurring substance issues
  • Recovery-oriented approach emphasizing each patient’s own support systems, strengths and community connections in collaboration with professional treatment
  • Individualized treatment, wellness, safety and discharge plans