The Greystone Residential

Located on the grounds of Friends Hospital, the Greystone Program is a long-term community residence designed to meet the special needs of individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Consisting of two houses, Greystone House and Hillside House, the program is dedicated to helping its residents move toward recovery, greater independence and an enhanced quality of life. Emphasizing the development of skills of daily living, socialization, purposeful activity and recovery enables residents to realize their dignity, worth and highest individual potential. Many residents have chosen to make the Greystone Program their permanent home while others will successfully transition to a less structured environment. The staff at the Greystone Program recognizes that recovery from mental illness is unique to each individual. By supporting residents in making important decisions such as medication and treatment goals, residents are able to develop to their fullest potential and to achieve personal milestones. Under the leadership of the medical director, a board certified psychiatrist, and the program director, an advanced practice nurse and clinical specialist in adult mental health and psychiatry, the multidisciplinary treatment team includes registered nurses, social workers and resident advisors. All residents receive medications and individual and group therapies, as well as educational and vocational counseling. Both houses are staffed 24 hours a day. Families are important members of the treatment team and their involvement is both encouraged and welcomed. Inquiries and referrals to the Greystone Program may be made by contacting the program director at 215-831-3918. Residents wishing to be considered for the program must be at least 21 years of age, have a long standing psychiatric illness, be free of any major physical disabilities, have no active drug or alcohol abuse issues and also be able to refrain from destructive behaviors to self, others and property.


“It was an oasis. A place of calm and caring and peacefulness where she was given back her dignity, where she learned again that she was of value to others, and that, in turn, she had a responsibility to them.” – Daughter of a former resident
“For those like my son, who might be able to live more independently, trained staff and kind hearts will be there to provide hope. We will be forever grateful.” – Mother of a former resident